Pak Mei Orthodox Curriculum

Beginner Level

The four internal methods: swallowing, spitting, floating, and flowing

Tun (Swallowing) literally means swallowing, that is, redirecting and absorbing incoming force in order to fuel the counterattack.
Tou (Spitting) corresponds to a release of forces towards the outside of the body. It  complements the Tun as like the Yin to Yang, with the idea of using the  attacker’s own weapon against them.
Fou (Floating) enables an uprooting force that disrupts and disperses the base of the  opponent, allowing the practitioner to take advantage of the adversary  when they are imbalanced and therefore vulnerable.
Chum (Sinking) renders an opponent immovable and places them under the practitioner’s  control. When the opponent makes a move, they are raised and thrown.


Forms (Kuens)

– The path of the 4 doors

– The 3 small questions

– The 3 large questions

– The four chained horses

– The excellent horse (108 horse movements)

– Sircy (master of stone)

– The turtle is hidden under the lotus leaf

– Fighting on the ground (72 movements from the ground)

– Simple strength- Dragon (9 Pushes of the Dragon)

– Snake (18 Frictions)

– Crane (3 attacks)

– Tiger (the powerful tiger emerges from the mountain)

– Leopard

– The oppressive attack in front of the dragon’s door

– The friction of the five elements



– Sabre

– Double Sabre

– Staff (3 forms)

– Butterfly Knives

– Sword

– Tonfas


Six origins for force:Body, shoulders, waist, limbs, neck, and abdomen


Horse and Rooster movements


Eight hand techniques:

Whip, cut, hold, smash, bounce, break, pack and crush.


The Iron Bridge


Lay King / bringing force


The Seven movements of Tamo Chi Kung

– Yin / Yang outbreaks

– Kissing the moon (receive and accompany the moon in one’s arms)

– The Tiger curves his back

– The girl looks in the mirror

– The hands protect the feet

– The fingers sting the sky (2 hands support the sky)

– Inverting the Yin / Yang

Combat & Strategies

– Iron bridge / applications

– Without a bridge, we create the bridge and cross the bridge

Specialty“Grenade Hands” or “Explosive Hand”