Origin of Traditional Kung Fu


Between the 3rd and 5th centuries BC, China went through one of its most tormented periods in history. As chaos ensued over Asia, it took centuries before there was an organized structure to maintain, propagate and develop the martial art.  As the era of the Royal Combatants, perpetuated warfare between the five kingdoms.  Ancient manuscripts trace the roots of Kung Fu to this period.  They reveal the existence of hand to hand combat techniques, an elaborately organized army and highly skilled warriors.

Philosophy is to the mind what technique is to the body

These chaotic times were paradoxically, the golden age of Chinese philosophy. The time for reflexion and the emergence of the three philosophies that form the base of oriental culture was at its peak. The philosophers of this era wanted to understand the origin of violence, reestablish order, peace and harmony in society. Beyond the physical aspects of martial arts, Kung Fu seeks to explicitly develop the accomplishment of human beings in all their dimensions. If philosophy guides our actions, allowing us to correctly use knowledge and techniques, then they are also a perfect reflection of this precious teaching.

The techniques are a means to reach a goal, while philosophy is the purpose of this goal

To this day, philosophy still occupies an important place in traditional Kung Fu school teachings.  Many rules, regulations, customs, as well as certain practices of the School are founded on the principals stemming from the three philosophical pillars of oriental culture; Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism.  For example, Buddhism guides practitioners to better themselves, by understanding the ego and controlling emotions.  Taoism allows practitioners to better understand how the mind, body and soul function.  Developing a greater efficiency in the practice of Kung Fu and in the practice oriental medicine.  Confucianism is the source of the school’s organizational structure, ensuring it is managed and run in an orderly fashion and knowledge is properly transmitted.  The three philosophies form the basis and constitute a solid base for a traditional Kung Fu schooling guides its practitioners in their path.

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