Directed by Grandmaster Nam Anh

Founded in 1990 by Grandmaster Nam Anh, the Main School is one of the largest Martial Arts Schools in Quebec. It offers in addition the teaching of 3 styles of Kung Fu spread over 3 floors. Moreover, in order to contribute to the well-being and health of all, the School offers an Anmatherapy treatments, a traditional oriental medicine.

Styles taught

Main School

Where to Find Us

10770, Lajeunesse
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
H3L 2E8
Henri-Bourassa Subway



Wing Chun (Beginner course)

Group 1: Monday-Thursday : 18h-20h
Group 2: Tuesday-Friday : 18h-20h
Group 3: Monday-Wednesday : 20h-22h
Group 4: Tuesday -Thursday : 10h-12h
Group 5: Saturday-Sunday : 12h-14h

Wing Chun (Parents/Children)

Wednesday : 18h30-20h00
Saturday : 10h-11h30

Tai Chi Wu

Monday : 18h00-20h00

Wednesday : 18h30-20h00

Sunday : 10h30-12h00


Pak Mei

Tuesday-Thursday :: 20h-22h

Tai Chì (Beginner course)

Monday : 18h00-20h00
Wednesday : 18h30-20h00
Saturday :: 10h30-12h00