Worthy teachings


Grand Master Nam Anh, 2013

Behind the large doors of a School, you will find good teaching and well meaning grand masters…It is thus clear that in order to acquire worthy teachings, one must seek a great school that can guarantee, through its history and its respect of Tradition, proper guardianship of precious knowledge. Only grand-masters can dispense such knowledge and help you prepare for the roughest, toughest battle of your existence so you may defeat your greatest enemy which is no one but your own self. Most of my disciples have sunk into the pit of their weaknesses, milling about in the mud of their own failure and eventually just vanished in the wind.

The teachings of a School of Kung Fu is a Path among others, leading to an adequate understanding of one’s existence and to the end of the quest for the self…Find out who you are, search for your mission and find the Answer to your existence. In other words, as in the movie The Grand Master, one must understand one-self, understand the Earth and the Sky, and understand one’s peers. Thus, before becoming a Kung Fu master, one must be a philosopher, able to understand the essence of life and death. All practitioners or teachers who neglect these cultural, philosophical and spiritual aspects of Kung Fu are destined to waste their time and experience abject failure along the Path, for Kung Fu is not a simple set of choreographies or katas filled with prearranged punches, kicks and other martial gesticulations.

It is essential to realise that the proper teaching is the one that points out our weaknesses, that wounds our misplaced pride, and finally shows us the way to vanquish our self centeredness in order to transcend the techniques, and reach an art without art, which is to say, reaching the art of loving and helping one’s kin…reach what is known as Universal Love !

Doesn’t the caption on the temple at Delph say : « Know yourself and you will know the universe and the gods ». And doesn’t your own Jesus say : « Love one another…»

And as for you ? What is your Path ?

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