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With thirty years of training, followed by a career spanning an entire lifetime, Grand Master Nam Anh acquired knowledge and mastery of many different styles of Wu Tang and Shaolin Kung Fu, notably
Wing Chun, Pak Mei, Tai Chi and Praying Mantis.

In 1983, a delegation from the Diamond Temple appointed Grand Master Nam Anh to the role of Head Master of the Vietnamese Orthodox Shaolin Wing Chun School.

In 1997, following the death of Grand Master Loo Ping Woon, Grand Master Nam Anh became Head Master of the Loo Ping Woon lineage of the Orthodox Pak Mei School.

The union of these two rivals styles signaled the end of hostilities between the two schools in Vietnam and today, those two federations founded by Grand Master Nam Anh coexist under the same roof in Montreal. The Ching Woo Academy of Montreal offers a strict formation in 3 styles of Kung Fu: Wing Chun, Pak Mei and Tai Chi Wu, while also being a center for the teaching and practice of anmanatherapy, a branch of traditional Chinese medicine. The Orthodox Shaolin Wing Chun and Orthodox Pak Mei Federations share a common goal to preserve the precious teachings of Grand Master Nam Anh and propagate them following the Path of the Heart.

Grandmaster Nam Anh

Grandmaster Nam Anh

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A traditional teaching, transmitted by Grand Masters since the 18th century, to Grand Master Nam Anh, 9th dan red belt, founder of the Nam Anh Ching Woo Kung Fu Academy and its 8 schools throughout the world.